About Us

RJ Enterprise is about innovation, ingeniousness and execution with the finest form and function. Its newly developed brand, Treelam has been specifically curated to make designer and decorative laminates that has a versatile ethos. Treelam is a range that flaunts a natural flair, where eco-friendly surfaces become a norm and sustainability creates phenomenal possibilities of juxtaposing great aesthetics with enormous poise. Established since 2014, it’s a partnership firm with its extensive product range consisting of designer and decorative laminates.


The company boasts of visionaries who are set to walk the path of great accomplishments, with firm conviction and determined to bring a sea change in the existing scenario of a complete range of appealing and appreciative designer laminates. The hierarchy of the leadership positions enumerates think tanks like Mr. Jigar Fatak, Mr. Rajnish Vaid and Mr. Jignesh Vaviya.


With a vision to create a firm foothold in the laminate industry, Treelam is an ambitious initiative of RJ Enterprise to spread its wings not only in the domestic realm, but win accolades and customer satisfaction in the international terrain too. Sincerely marching towards a path of change and inventive reign, Treelam is determined to dazzle with a distinct vein.


There are a few constants that culminate into the essential ethos of Treelam, with a fine blend of consistency, quality, ingenious streak and rising above the achieved level, day after day. Achieving higher results and cultivating a gorgeous demeanor is a norm at Treelam. Competing with its own accomplishments and outnumbering its own finesse, is the core belief and functioning ethos of the company which sets its pace right and keeps it grounded and motivated at all times.


Treelam stands for trust, integrity, transparency, consistency, innovation and customers’ complete satisfaction is the company’s absolute job satisfaction and impetus to achieve newer heights of success sagas at a phenomenal rate.


Relatively new entrants in the market space, the company has spearheaded with cutting edge infrastructure to bring about precision and products that flaunt an excelling edge. Primarily being importers, the company has the potential to do everything that a manufacturer does, without a manufacturing unit per se. The extensive product production process that’s carried out at the factory outlet boasts of a cutting edge phenomenon. This along with importing world class products and selling it extensively pan India. It’s a standing inspiration to other competitors to follow the grand league in the product range, as the company creates inventive products, and presents an opportunity for others to follow its exemplary product range that has a compelling charm and excelling edge, seemingly superior than the rest. It’s commendable to see the swift growth of the company taking steps in the right direction, within a very short span of time.

Extensive R&D

This wing of the organization lays special emphasis on inventiveness and has effectively made the brand one of the giant players in the market. With its wide reach across the nation, it boasts a vast dealer network, with each one knowing the company individually, being aware of its distinct features and an exclusive product range.

An expert team of professionals gauges the market demands and works meticulously to derive ingenious solutions, to transform the definition of style and function, to a relatively huge quotient and quantum levels.

Quality Policy

Adhering to stringent quality standards, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to quality control measures. In accordance with the Indian standards specification IS 2046 for HPDL (High Pressure Decorative Laminates), tests are conducted on samples of finished laminate sheets, and the results are checked for conformance to acceptable values. The laminates are checked essentially for resistance to adverse conditions, along with testing its dimensional stability and appearance. They are recommended for any application in which durability and impact resistance are concerns.

Rigorous tests are done to see the laminate durability and sturdiness, technical or otherwise, before it’s graded authentic and quality assured. Quality is an all time concern and the prime premise at Treelam.


Grading the product range to an ultimate class, we incorporate technology within the products that flaunt an international edge, leaving no scope to any loopholes whatsoever. Our products boast the most updated form of excellence and efficacy, presented most exquisitely, using hi-end technology.


With an extensive networking spread across the length and width of the nation, Treelam aspires to become an international name, with global networking opportunities, resulting in cutting edge products and bringing about the most curated solutions for the modern day customers that flaunt a definite modish tinge with excellent applicability and longevity.